why this blog

The people who have looked at my http://www.oldwomaninfeaturefilms.wordpress.com  will have read how at times I deviate towards issues of ageism. Having lived through the feminism of the 60s when the importance of language was considered, I am very aware of ageist and sexist language and attitudes. When I started my film blog, I tried to avoid dealing with these issues but over the last year I observed an interesting phenomenon. When in conversation I note that something is ageist, I am very often branded as paranoid or a ‘political correctness police”. On the other hand the same friends who are aware of my interest will often willingly recount to me an experience, an incident, an article that is ageist/sexist.

I have collected some of these over this past year and finally plunge into my second blog. I now ask friends to send me anything that might me of interest.  I also decided that I would post items that are not about ageism but also what I find interesting in an ageing sort of way.

I do not like writing, and it shows,  but I feel compelled to share in spite of the effort needed to cope with the technology.


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