disrespect or incompetence?

For the last two years I have been running a monthly film show at our local cinema for our U3A in Brent film group. As this group had started as a smaller Older Women in Film Group I wanted to pursue the policy of showing only films that feature old people.

The cinema is  extremely helpful and the audience very appreciative. However on occasions films are screened in the wrong aspect and communication is not always as efficient as it could be.

Today’s event made my blood boil. I had requested a certain film to be shown at certain date with 3 months notice for a very specific reason. I was advised today that the film I asked for is not available and they programmed another film instead… and that they did not consult me because they had a deadline to meet.

I perceive this as a definite example of ageism/sexism. It was dismissive of my role as a programmer and of the audience.   I can hear some of my friends argue that it was sheer incompetence or that I am over sensitive. But would this have happened if I was  a man   or a young woman  who programmes the films  introduces them, writes the film notes and leads the  discussion?




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