child’s view on old age

From D.D (primary school governor and helper)

I am currently helping an 8-9 year old girl who gave me quite a surrealist description of grannies this week. We were reading a book about manners and one of the pictures was of grandmother giving her granddaughter an unwearable jumper she had knitted for her. The message was that the little girl should thank her grannie nicely, even if she hated the jumper.  Unfortunately, the illustration featured a very dated stereotype of the old woman:  grey perm, long frock, pinafore and a gruesomely wrinkled face. I asked the child what she thought of this picture. She told me that her own grannie had given her clothes she didn’t like and that one of our older volunteers had tried to teach her to knit but it was too hard. I asked what she thought of the picture – was it like all grannies? She said “yes”. What did she think of grannies then? She said they were too knitty.

I am going to wear my favourite Kaffe Fasset cardigan next week.

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