visit to St.Paul’s “Occupy London”

From Astra (84) poet

On a wet mid-winter Sunday in December via 3 buses, my camera and I travelled to the anti-capitalist Occupation outside St.Paul’s. As I walked around this Tent City, I explained to the occupants that I was photographing for friends who couldn’t visit in person. ( I don’t want to be seen as a voyeur). Everyone I spoke to accepted this without question. In fact, in the Hot Drinks Tent, my tea was brought over to me, my hand kissed and later on another of the young men kissed my cheek.

In the LibraryTent I left three copies of the most recent issue of the Older Feminist Newsletter also three copies each of my poetry collections “Older and Bolder” and “Back You Come, Mother Dear”. I wonder if any one int this Tent City will send feedback. (I made sure to put my name and address sticker at the back of each book).

Now I hear the Occupation will soon have to disband: The Corporation of London wants its pavement back. But another space nearby has already been occupied. And elsewhere in the world more occupations are being formed again and again. And I have my three dozen photographs.


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