falls and third wave feminism

My friend has had a fall and is in hospital. The third friend this fortnight who suffered a serious fall. Are we all falls aware enough?

The trouble with living in London is that over the years we have made friends scattered all over the capital and the suburbs and keeping in contact in such cases is not always easy. Living locally becomes extremely important as we age and are less mobile and yet local  facilities are being cut. A friend who is 92 used her local library on a regular basis.  It has been shut and boarded. Although very active and still teaching music, she just cannot afford the tedious time and energy to visit another library in the borough.

I have been interviewed for a project about Third Wave Feminism. What do I think of their various activities? The Slut March, the Muff protest, the conferences. Some of the activities amuse me and in general I follow the others with no involvement.  Six years ago, on a wet, cold,  miserable winter evening I went to Trafalgar Square to join the Reclaim the Night March. I remember that I felt so pleased and relieved when I saw a banner saying 3rd. Wave feminism. I thought : ‘Great, they can take over now’. But now just as in the 80s, when the OlderFeministNetwork was formed, there does not seem to be an awareness of the existence of the older woman and the issues that she faces over three decades or more between retirement and death… For me to be feminist and political nowadays consists of raising these issues. I look at the representation of old women and try to get involved in campaigns affecting old people. It is so great when in a conference about some problems affecting the old,  Dr. Helen Carr declares ‘I am a feminist’  and hear a declared feminist point of view. *

*Addressing equalities in older people’s social care.  Dr Helen Carr Reader, Kent Law School Troubling women – the supreme court decision in Macdonald v Kensington and Chelsea


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