Olympic Games

The Olympic Games open tonight after a deluge of media coverage drowning any other  information. At my tube station an announcement on a  loop advises me that I should seek another way of travelling to the centre of London.

I remember 7 years ago  before London won the bid how unconcerned I was with the  games because 7 years seem such a long time ahead and I felt unsure of  projecting myself in the future.  I noticed before,  this change in the perception of the future at the occasion of the  New Year. I wonder if other old people experience this change of outlook on the future.


When I Get Older

Ageing is in fashion. Mainly the funding of social care,  but while waiting for the governmental report, the BBC is screening a series of documentaries ” when I get older”.

I would have loved to discuss the episode about Care Homes with contemporaries. Alas none of my friends had seen it and some even actively avoided doing so.

I thought that Simpson’s experience of living in a home for people suffering from dementia was particularly touching and instructive. To a certain degree it reflected my own experience of visiting an aunt with Alzheimer’s for her 100th Birthday party. The fear of dementia is understandable but I think it is also politically paralysing. Witnessing Simpson’s change of perspective was comforting to me.