I had given up on this blog. I have asked people to contribute to the site but women are not forthcoming and the instances of ageism I have experienced lately did not seem to warrant a post. But I am angry again. The Tate Modern in London is exhibiting  Susan Lacey’s  installation  “The Crystal Quilt” in the newly opened tanks.

As mentioned on the Tate site 430 women over the age of 60 collaborated on this work of art that consists now of a video, documentary, quilt, photographs and sound piece. I was looking forward to see this exhibition and loved the video, documentary and photographs but the kernel of the installation should have been the sound piece. When I went into the room where the comments of the women were being played I was distressed not to be able to hear the voices of the women clearly. I am hard of hearing and have a good hearing aid with a loop setting. But unfortunately I could not hear the voices clearly.

As usual I blamed myself, the hearing aid and dismissed the event. However a friend who could hear the comments in the room phoned me to say that I would have been interested by this part of the exhibition. Yes, my reaction was to get angry and I immediately  phoned the Tate about the poor quality of the sound. After being referred to a couple of customer relations people who did not know anything about the situation, I was phoned later by an understanding woman who informed me that there is no loop in that part of the installation, and no headphones. She would see what she can do and come back to me… I will not hold my breath .

How can they talk of “an ambitious work that fuses social responsibility with the power of aesthetics” ?. Is this the extent of the Tate Modern social responsibility? Should not the voices of the women be heard by ALL?