we need research

By coincidence two posts in one day

It is my grandaughter who alerted me to watch  the BBC1 Sunday Morning Live   (classified by genre: Religions and Ethics and  Format : Discussion and Talk on the website). This is not going to be a point by point review of the programme or the issue that interests me.  “Should older women try harder to stay on TV?” is how the question is posed.

I am just appalled by the standard of debates on the BBC around the important issue mentioned, How are the members of the panel chosen?  How are the questions  phrased? What is the composition of the contributors in this so-called interactive programme?

The issue of sexism/ageism in the media was treated in a vague general way addressing TV, news and drama,  Films, famous actors, and even self-image in an unstructured uninformed way.

Susan O’Keefe made valid points about the influence of the TV in our lives, and the need to have more older women on TV. Harriet Harman on a video link “Still now the discrimination is there for older women ……  ways of dealing with discrimination – you have to analyse it and measure it and  obtaining a range of ways of dealing with it. But Jenny Trent Hughes declared with no evidence (her experience as a life coach?)  that the problem was that older women do not see themselves as vibrant and therefore could not expect others to see us in this way….

I agree with Harman. We need more evidence. We need evidence about the lives of old women and evidence of how they are portrayed in the different areas of the media.


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