Ageism Young and Old.

Two items were posted on Ageing Studies’ Facebook yesterday. this one was an advertisement about a fast-food product that I will not name so as not to give them more publicity. I found it profoundly insulting. It seems that the only way to show that old people are ‘full of life’ is to stereotype the youth and fit old people to this image. It happens often (see my film blog about Cloud 9)  I did not think it funny or effective as an advertisement.  But I found it interesting in the way it is ageist not only about the old but also about the young. . This one is the interview of two of the actors Ernie Misko and Beverly Polcyn on of the above advert.  In a bizarre way after getting used to Polcyn’s strident tones I saw in it two actors being ironical about the whole event. They were – specially Polcyn- acting the stereotype of the old trying to be young.   In  a way it was the interviewers who appeared ridiculous.

Readers of this blog please let me know what YOU  think.


2 thoughts on “Ageism Young and Old.

  1. Hi Rina,

    I’ve been following your blog with interest over the last couple of months, and thought it was time to make my presence known – I think it’s important to know that your message is being heard! I came across your page while doing some research for a college project – I’m one of those young women with an interest in ageing and ageism.

    As for the Taco Bell advert, I’m never surprised when advertisers utilise lazy stereotypes as storytelling devices. This kind of dichotomous thinking – that ‘young’ is everything that ‘old’ is not, and vice versa, only serves to create further distance between the generations. I notice in my own community that there is a real lack of activities that are open to people of all ages; the Government organises health initiatives and activity days for ‘seniors’, community centres organise Bingo in the mid-afternoon, after the mother and toddler book club has left for the day… I don’t understand this segregation on any level – it makes no sense, either in terms of enjoyment of the activities, OR in terms of the costs incurred by running so many different yet limited classes and groups.

    I’m looking forward to following your exploration of all of these issues over the next while.

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