I feel encouraged to notice that this blog has attracted the attention of at least one person who keyed in ‘feminist ageing’ on a search engine. I had given up.

I am still surprised to notice how strong is the abhorrence of white hair in women. I am a member of a  mixed gender discussion group. At our gathering this week I overheard two of the women declaring to each other that they dyed their hair and felt much better about their age.. Both of the women consider themselves feminists. It is not that I would like to dictate how old feminist should behave or that I  believe it is ‘wrong’ to dye your hair but I despair that this prime sign of age  is being hidden and disguised. Personally I think that dyed hair looks artificial and makes women look hard.

I despair because it seems that ageing is not much discussed by feminist women. Even in the OFN – older feminist network – the interest is more towards general feminist issues and very rarely about ageing and feminism. How does a feminist age? What are our experiences and feelings?

Has the sisterhood forgotten older women?  is a compendium of essays published by ILC-UK . It remains a publication for scholars of ageing. None of my feminist friends have heard  of it or show any interest in looking at it. It is true that we are very busy women engaged in a variety of campaigns but sometimes I think it would be good to share our experiences.

In a way it is good to see that the moribund film group I had started on my retirement has been revived by younger women and ageing is being talked about in our discussions.



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