June 8th 2014.  From astra OFN member since the 80s.

It’s the wrong time and the wrong place where I am living now. Since 1974 , I’d been settled in a small upstairs flat opposite woods. I’d never moved away till recently. Both a social worker and an occupational therapist agreed that my beloved flat is no longer safe for me. It is the steep flight of stairs and the slippery bath and more recently my inability to stand unaided after a fall that finally convinced them that my flat was no longer suitable for myself, an 86 years old with a history of falls, both indoors and out, over more than a dozen years.

This settled the matter of what my local council could or should do with me so it was that I found myself in a care home first, and then a second care home, each one populated by people who are deaf or demented, sometimes both. Mealtimes are silent except for the TV in the corner or the carers urging the residents to eat not sleep at the table. Unfortunately there is no one with whom I can have a conversations with so I draw or read or wait.

Currently I’m on a waiting list for a flat in a nearby sheltered housing estate. This is teaching me patience. If nothing else.